Leadership Development

Leadership is not an option, it is a responsibility.

Leaders need the Vision to see the bigger picture and the potential for a better world – and have the strength of character to deliver it. They need to understand what has to be done, and then work effectively with the talents of their people to “make it happen”.
To help realise this, VSC provides:
Strategic support to the leadership/management of teams

Leadership development programmes
Training programmes for Teams

Keynote speakers on ‘leading teams’
Management Development

Core Values Connection

Core values should be the main driver of every individual and organisation. Clearly the success, productivity and efficiency of an organisation seem to be firmly rooted in the values, commitment, and character of any individual employee (see the book “From Good to Great" by Jim Collins).
To foster this understanding, VSC delivers:
Increased understanding of the core values of an organisation
Integration of personal core values with those of the organisation

Established practices for sound decision making at every level
Help in developing a system to work through ethical dilemmas - certainly a regular part of work life

Understanding of ethics, principles, integrity and character
Assist in developing a personal purpose statement with regard to the organization

Character Development

Developing effective leaders and improving organisational performance is VSC’s passion. Through many hours of experience it has become clear that this can best be accomplished in a lasting way through coaching, training, and a curriculum that integrates 3 key areas of an organisation: People, Process and Principles. Through this 3-Dimensional approach to Training comes the clear development of character.
VSC coaches have had years of experience in developing this one-of-a-kind integrated training system. The 3-Dimensional approach looks at these 3 areas together, not as separate or unrelated items.
Participants are then quickly able to identify where to focus energies and actions, create new work paradigms, and increase both personal, organisational and character effectiveness.

People, Process & Principles

Developing People: The first component of 3-D Training and it's what VSC does best. Any organisation is only as good as the people in it. It's not just about having the people to do the job; it's about having the best people to do the job. Through 3-Dimensional Training techniques, people will become the best they can be.
Process: The sequence of activities and systems involved in carrying out business operations, or achieving a desired result, is found largely in Classic Development Methods. Process becomes effective process when applied in the context of 3-D Training: When the best People and timeless Principles are combined with a great Process, organizations excel and deep character development occurs.
Principles: Teaching and imparting sound Principles is at the heart of VSC's approach. In fact, E.P.I.C. (Ethics, Principles, Integrity and Character) is a foundation of our training.
Thus, when E.P.I.C. Training is combined with activation of an organization's Core Values and character change, significant performance improvements result. The ability to effectively develop these particular qualities is perhaps the key differentiator of VSC’s training.
There is no other training system in the world like it.